Charli XCX lança videoclipe de “After The Afterparty”. Assista!

Charli XCX lançou hoje (30) o videoclipe para a faixa “After The Afterparty”, carro-chefe de seu novo álbum.

O vídeo é dirigido por Diane Martel, que já trabalhou com Miley Cyrus nos vídeos de “We Can’t Stop” e “3” de Britney Spears.

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Através de um post no Instagram, agradecendo toda equipe de “After the Afterparty”, Charli revelou que os artistas da PC Music, SOPHIE e A.G. Cook estão no clipe.

??? AFTER THE AFTERPARTY VIDEO DROPS TODAY ??? before it comes out i just wanna say thank uuuuuu so much to all the amazing people who were involved in creating not only the video, but also the song, the artwork and the whole entire xcx world!! thank u of course @lilyachty for being a part of this song and being such a nice cool person to collaborate with musically! to @twinkleswinkle – i’m so happy we finally got to make a video together after all this time!!! @lisa_tv for being my snapchat coach/friend and genius stylist and @agcook404 for being my hype man/24 hour party person/creative direcor. Also shout out to @lukeshuman (queen of fonts and basically everything in my life rn) @bradleyandpablo (queens of artwork), @nikitakesh (queen of casting), kimi selfridge (queen of bts) @evebarlow (queen of interviews), THE ENTIRE CAST (incredible people I enjoyed bubble bathing w u guys), @raye @eyelarx Fred Gibson, Stargate, Sophie (for creating this song with me) and anyone else who I’ve forgotten I love you all and thank you!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the video Angels ?

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